The John C. Wallace Memorial Trophy made a trip to the shop to have another level added for the names of future winners of our special rememberance of John C.Wallace, a revered member and supporter of Down East Garand Shooters! This years winner of this coveted trophy is Tony Simonetti, Congratulations to Tony who will get to place this on his mantle for the ensuing year!

The Few! The Brave!

Might have been the threat of rain, heat, or just the collision of a lot of folks with end of summer plans. Be that as it may five hardy shooters broke out their rifles and put some shots on target. James Minturn is never a stranger to the Gold. James broke out the wood gun and shot a great 287-9X to bring home a gold GSM club pin.

Pistols Are Just Short Rifles Right?

We had nine shooters out at Paradise Range to take part in our once yearly diversion from the long guns. And no they are not just short rifles as we discovered. Hey, that's why we're a rifle club right? Never the less we had a great time testing our pistol skills. Joe McMillan brought home the gold shooting an impressive 352.07. Dennis Morey earned a Silver pin with his score of 338.02.

We have plenty to report this month. Let's start right off with congratulations to the winner of the John C. Wallace Cup for 2022! Tony Simonetti gets to keep the cup in his possession for this season! He Secured that honor by shooting a 287-3X. The trophy is going back to the engraver who will have to add another level to display the additional member names for the ensuing years. Tony will be the first name on that new addition to the Trophy. Congratulations Tony! He of course will receive the Gold GSM CMP Club pin for that accomplishment as well.

Joe McMillan was nipping at Tony's heels by shooting a 281-7X which topped the CMP cut score and earned him a gold CMP club pin as well. Other GSM winners were:

Our May match was attended by nine folks who braved the heat to participate in the firing festivities. Tony Simonetti took top honors securing the Gold Match Pin in the GSM match with a whopping 289-8X. Tanner Moore took the Silver pin shooting a 265-4X. It was good to see Chris Hymen behind the barrel and claiming the Gold in the modern Military group with a 276-1X. Silver was not on Tanner Moore's mind in the Unlimited modern military class shooting an impressive 291-7X to claim a gold match pin.