Our October match was held on the 19th and we welcomed new shooter Simon Ellis. Chris Hymen took top honors with the Garand shooting 284-5X while Chris Kurek took the top spot for Modern Military shooting 276-6X. See below for complete match results

Our September match was held on the 21st and it turned out to be a great day for shooting as the weather moderated and provided near perfect conditions. We welcomed two new shooters, Chris Marsh and Luis Batista, who got their feet wet with the Garand match course of fire. Richard Martinez took top honors with the Garand shooting 285-8X while Chris Hymen and Dewey Hales took the top spots for Modern Military and Unlimited Modern Military shooting 269-4X and 290-10X in their respective categories.

We look forward to seeing everyone at out next match on October 19th.

Our August match was held on the 17th with a fair-sized turnout. Joe McMillian was our match winner shooting 279-10X. Dewey Hales took top honors in the Modern Military As Issued class shooting 290-6X and Nick Valetta shot 275-1X to lead the Unlimited Modern Military class. For a complete listing of the scores, please below.

We had a small turnout for our July match but the competition was stiff. Dewey Hales took top honors in both the M1 Garand and modern military categories shooting 283-3X and 288-6X respectively. Jason Cisarano took the top honors in the unlimited modern military category shooting 282-5X. For a complete listing of scores see below.

This year’s bonus match was held on June 29th and several of our rifle shooters tried their hand with the CMP M&P Pistol course of fire. Dewey Hales was the match winner in the Military and Police category shooting a 370-9X. Our Outlaw class was won by Mark Valetta with a 330-8X. Congratulations to our match winners and to all participants. A full breakdown of scores can be found below.