Pistols Are Just Short Rifles Right?

We had nine shooters out at Paradise Range to take part in our once yearly diversion from the long guns. And no they are not just short rifles as we discovered. Hey, that's why we're a rifle club right? Never the less we had a great time testing our pistol skills. Joe McMillan brought home the gold shooting an impressive 352.07. Dennis Morey earned a Silver pin with his score of 338.02. Nicholas Valletta also earned silver with a score of 302.02. Mark Valletta earned bronze with a 264.02 and Chris Hymen finished out the awards also earning Bronze with a 253.03. Thomas Wareham won bragging rights in the outlaw class matching Joe McMillan's score exactly with a 352.07. Come on out next year folks. Why? Not a lot of gear to lug, no shooting jackets, AMEN, and you get to stand under the shelter in the shade. What more could you ask? The match was followed by a great time of fellowship at Bums Restaurant in Ayden where we discussed ideas to promote our club, increase membership and member participation in addition to some ways to raise funds for our club. Hopefully we can meet like this a couple times a year. The best part was getting to know one another in a more personal way. We hope to see a line full of shooters at our August 20th match. Come on out! Hold hard and favor the X's!

DEGS July 2022 Complete Pistol Match Results