We have plenty to report this month. Let's start right off with congratulations to the winner of the John C. Wallace Cup for 2022! Tony Simonetti gets to keep the cup in his possession for this season! He Secured that honor by shooting a 287-3X. The trophy is going back to the engraver who will have to add another level to display the additional member names for the ensuing years. Tony will be the first name on that new addition to the Trophy. Congratulations Tony! He of course will receive the Gold GSM CMP Club pin for that accomplishment as well.

Joe McMillan was nipping at Tony's heels by shooting a 281-7X which topped the CMP cut score and earned him a gold CMP club pin as well. Other GSM winners were:

Bill Cale laid claim to a Silver club pin with his 277-1X. Joe McMillan wasn't finished with his Garand, garnering a silver club pin by shooting a 276-3X. Jason Cisarano shot a 271-1X for a bronze Club pin and Mark Valletta finished up with 266-2X for a bronze club pin.

The Unlimited Modern Military Gold club pin went to Tanner Moore shooting a 286-5X and Mark Valletta shot a 259-2X to claim a silver club pin.

Next month on July 16th we park the rifles and break out the pistols to shoot two relays Following the CMP Military & Police Match rules. The course of fire is as follows:

All Targets set at 25 yards:

  • Stage One: 5 sighting shots and ten (5 + 5) shots for record in a time limit of 10 minutes. Shot one handed or two handed (shooters choice)
  • Stage Two: Left hand single grip (10 shots in five minutes)
  • Stage Three: Right hand Single grip. (!0 Shots in Five minutes)
  • Stage Four: One or two handed grip (Shooters Choice) 10 shots rapid fire in 70 seconds

Whew!!! The last order of business. All members are invited to come have lunch at Bums Restaurant in Ayden after the match. Going dutch on the checks! We plan to have discussion about club business and to talk about possible changes to some of our club rules. Nothing crazy, just putting out some ideas to our membership to see if we can increase attendance and add new members. I hope many of you will come be part of that time of fellowship. An agenda of the meeting will be sent out for you consideration before match day. Looking forward to seeing the firing line full of DEGS members and guests this July 16th!

Mark Valletta

DEGS June 2022 Complete Match Results