Our May match was attended by nine folks who braved the heat to participate in the firing festivities. Tony Simonetti took top honors securing the Gold Match Pin in the GSM match with a whopping 289-8X. Tanner Moore took the Silver pin shooting a 265-4X. It was good to see Chris Hymen behind the barrel and claiming the Gold in the modern Military group with a 276-1X. Silver was not on Tanner Moore's mind in the Unlimited modern military class shooting an impressive 291-7X to claim a gold match pin.

I hope to see all of you at the June 18th match. As always, Registration begins at 8:00. The first relay starts shooting at 8:30 am and the second match begins around 10:00 am. Anyone who can arrive a bit early to help set up would be greatly appreciated. Many hands make short work.

Speaking of pitching in. If anyone would care to call a match that would spread the work and let different members shoot two matches occasionally. If you can read, you are qualified to call a match. I am proof positive of that fact. LOL! If you would care to volunteer let me know. Contact us if you can help out. We really want to build up the club participation so take part and invite a friend to come on out. Couldn't be a lower key, enjoyable way to spend a Saturday of good fellowship with great folks.

See you then.

- Mark

DEGS May 2022 Complete Match Results