We had a great turnout for our first match of the season as we welcomed five new shooters to the firing line firing both vintage and modern military rifles. aking top honors with the Garand and modern military was Dewey Hales posting scores of 280-3X and 290-6X respectively. Full results can be found below.

Due to scheduling conflicts, our next match will be held on the fourth Saturday in April, April 27. This also coincides with the only Saturday that the CMP will be holding their Garand/Springfield/Vintage/Modern Military matches for the CMP Eastern Games at Camp Butner. If you can’t make it to the Eastern Games, plan on a morning at the range at Paradise Outdoors with DEGS.

Several of our top shooters are planning on attending the Eastern Games and have registered for relays 5 and 6 at 1130 on the 27th. If you’re planning on going, meet them at the 200 yard line at Camp Butner and put together a “pick up” team to show the rest of the shooters what DEGS shooters are capable of.

As mentioned at the banquet, we will sponsor one new shooter for the Eastern Games and one experienced shooter to help them along. If you have never shot at the Eastern Games, and would like to be sponsored by DEGS, send your name to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Likewise, if you’re an old hat at the Eastern Games and would like to help show a new shooter the ropes, send your name in. We will hold a drawing and both shooters will be announced on April 20th.

Again, congratulations to Dewey Hales for his wins at our first match and congratulations to all shooters who came out. Good luck to everyone attending the Eastern Games. We look forward to seeing everyone else at our April match.

Download complete March 2019 DEGS match results here.