What a match we had on Saturday! Great turnout, great shooting, great weather--who could ask for anything more? Congratulations to GSM match winner Tony Simonetti, who shot a 277.03 with his 1903A3. You may have noticed that Chris Hymen also shot a 277.03, but he came in 2nd place. Everyone knows that X-count is usually the tiebreaker, but what do you do if that doesn't work? Look at the standing scores! And if those are the same, compare the prone rapid scores, and so on. Great score from both shooters!

In the Modern Military category, Tom Hales won overall with a very nice 262.02. Congratulations!

Here are your complete scores from Saturday's match. Thanks to everyone who turned out to make it another great day, and also a warm welcome to new shooter Kyle Crenshaw. Hope to see you all on the range again soon!