The rain threatened to shut us down Saturday morning, but in the end, the cloud cover made for a great morning to shoot our Vintage Sniper Match. Maybe for the first time in club history, we can say that we had a match in July where the temperature never got over eighty degrees!

And what I believe was another club first for this match: the vintage sniper rifles outnumbered the modern ones! Dewey Hales and Jon Herrin won the Vintage class, with Dewey shooting a Mosin-Nagant PU sniper and Jon shooting a 1903a4. And Tanner Moore and Murv Hymel won the Open class, with Tanner on a Remington 700 in 22-250 and Murv on his G43 sniper.

For those who haven't tried this match yet, it is a challenging event, especially with a vintage rifle. Shooters take 20 timed shots from the prone position using a sandbag rest. We use reduced size targets to simulate longer ranges, and on the 600 yard target, the X-ring isn't much larger than a dime! This is also our only two-person team event: while one competitor is shooting, the other spots and calls out corrections.

Our next match will be Saturday, 19 August. Hope to see you there!

Complete DEGS 2017 Vintage Sniper Match results