Summer isn't quite here yet, but we could feel it coming on at the match on Saturday morning. We had a great turnout, including two new (to us) shooters, Taylor Bloyer and Bryant Lewis. Welcome to you both--we hope to see you on the range again soon! In fact, they did a great job in the Modern Military category, with Bryant taking home the gold pin (268.01) and Taylor the silver. Congratulations! And Jim Bongo won the GSM match with a score of 264.00. Great job! 

Here are a couple of photos from Saturday's match, including a shot of Jim Bongo and Chris Hymen, who both went out to Camp Butner this year for the CMP Eastern Games. Chris scored a gold medal with his Garand--Congrats!

Thanks to everyone who turned out on Saturday to make this a great event. Remember, our next match will be our John Wallace Memorial Match on 17 June.

Complete match results available here.