We kicked off our 2017 shooting season last week with our Garand clinic, and what a great clinic it was! We started out at the Pig Palace, which served as our classroom. There we covered the basics of the shooting positions, sight alignment, how to operate the Garand and much more. If you have never been to the Palace before, it's located a couple of miles up the road from the range and is a beautiful spot with more than enough room for our class.

We then moved to the Paradise Outdoors range where the students were able to get hands-on with their rifles. We did some dry fire and live fire, enough to give everyone an introduction to position shooting and also let them know what to expect in our matches. 

Here are a few photos in case you weren't able to make it out. And don't worry--if you missed the clinic but want to learn how to fire an M1 Garand and use the sling to improve your accuracy, come out to a match! We'll find you a coach to teach you the basics. And if you contact us in advance, we'll even provide you with a loaner rifle and equipment.

Our first match of 2017 will be held on Saturday, 18 March. For more information, see our complete match calendar.