Once again, the Down East Garand Shooters celebrated the new year in style with a wonderful banquet at the Pig Palace, appropriately enough, not far from the club’s home range. The food was delicious and the camaraderie was excellent. Awards were given to top shooters from 2010 and several items were raffled off to members, including shooting timers, bore snakes, and a Turner National Match leather sling.

But the big event of the day was the Garand raffle, and this year, Clay Hallock was the big winner and took home a beautiful Service Grade Special Garand. Runners up Jim Whitehead and Clint Randles each won 100 rounds of M2 Ball ammunition.

Any DEGS member can qualify for the raffle by shooting in five matches during the course of the year. Shooting in multiple matches in the same day does count towards your total.