Our bonus match this year will be next Saturday, June 29. The match will be a CMP Military and Police service pistol match. We will have two classes of competitors for this match, the as-issued class and the outlaw class. To enter the as-issued class, pistols must be semi-automatic, practical or suitable for issue as a military or police service pistol and meet the following requirements:

  • Pistol calibers cannot be smaller than 9mm or larger than .45 cal.;
  • Barrels may not be more than five (5) inches in length;
  • Pistols must have a single or striker action trigger pull of not less than 4.0 lbs.(Glock and Springfield Armory XD pistols with barrels no longer than five (5) inches are permitted);
  • Pistols may not be match conditioned;
  • Pistols must be equipped with standard issue non-adjustable sights; and
  • Ammunition used with Military & Police Service Pistols must be loaded with full metal-jacketed, round nosed bullets.

  • Weapons that do not meet these requirements will compete in our outlaw class, so your highway patrol .357 magnum or your Dirty Harry .44 magnum are welcome to compete, just be aware that one stage of the match is firing 10 rounds in 70 seconds.

    Our special match this year is CMP sanctioned so awards will be presented. Additionally, this match will also count to the match total for our banquet raffle.

    As always, check-in will start at Paradise Outdoors at 8:00 am and first rounds will go down range at 8:30. A second relay will start approximately at 10:00. You may pre-register via email in order to reserve a spot on the firing line.

    Click here for contact information and driving directions